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Friday, January 05, 2007

My Guild Post-Burning Crusade

As you know, I have playing way too much WoW. Another one of my many new year's resolutions is to play less.

Fortunately for me, post Burning Crusade, my guild will be downsizing its raiding roster, and I will be demoted from "Raider" status to "Friends and Family". All I can say is... thank gawd! I'm glad that the officers have allowed me to stay in the guild, since the main reason I play is to keep in touch with friends, with the added benefit that I will now be able to play less frequently without impunity, and not feel stressed about racing to get to level 70, keeping up raid attendance, grinding for mats, etc.

Unfortunately, one of the fallouts of downsizing is that some of the folks who have not keep Raider status have decided to leave the guild. I've read quite a few farewell posts, which saddened me greatly, but there was one that really stood out. It was so beautifully written that I'm re-posting it here, while removing the person's alias.

It’s a terrible thing to have to choose between friends. The events of the last few weeks have caused me countless hours of anguish and grief. But now the moment of truth is upon me.
I feel the need to express more than a simple farewell. The experience I have had during my time with menagerie has been more than this post can convey. The triumphs, the challenges, the camaraderie, the excitement, the sense of belonging to something more than a group, the moments of hilarity, the limitless humor, but most of all the people. For it was the people, with all of the different personalities, all of the many facets, that drove me to log on each night to raid.
My friends who don’t play WoW often ask me why I spend so much time at my computer. They don’t see the attraction. They see it as a frivolous waste of time. But what I tell them is that it’s the people that I adventure with that are the reason to play. I tell that I’ve made dozens of friends during the last year, a boast that none can come close to matching. I’ve met people from all over the country, both young and old. I got to become friends with people that I may only know by their odd-sounding names but they are still just as real and just as precious as those I see in the "real world". And for this I’m grateful.
But I now find myself in an untenable situation. How do you decide between friends? How do you weigh in the balance which friend or which group of friends is worth more. As many of you know I’m friends with [list of names]. These are the people who got me started on WoW, these are the people who helped me level [my character], these are the people who got me into Wicked Union, and got me into Menagerie. If it wasn’t for them, [my character] simply wouldn’t exist.
Unfortunately, circumstances have placed me in a situation where I must decide between the friends I've known long before WoW existed and the many friends I’ve made since I started playing WoW. It hasn’t been an easy choice. Having to choose one over the other is a no win situation. Whatever choice I make means my friendship with those I part ways with will suffer. It is simply unavoidable that distance will weaken the friendship.
But I have follow my nature. I value all my friends highly. Our friends are the only people we choose to spend time with. It's our friends that make our time here so precious. I would not be the person I am if I was to turn my back on my friends when their fortunes aren’t as plentiful as mine.
That doesn't, however, make my decision any easier to accept. I am just as troubled by having to part ways with my more recent friends. I find myself greatly saddened as I am faced with a tremendous sense of loss, words simply can't express my sorrow.
I can only respond by conveying to each and every one of you how much I have enjoyed the time when have raided together. Each of you has added to my enjoyment of having been in this guild. Whether it has been because of the skill that you bring to the game, or the humor, or the camaraderie, or simply the joy in sharing an achievement together, each person, each personality, each moment, has contributed to the whole. It will not be an experience that I shall soon forget.
There are many who I feel deserve an extra level of my gratitude, but I don’t want to slight anyone so I just speak of each of you as a group
To the healers: It was you that made me look good. Without your skill, your patience, your talents, I would have just been another dead warrior. I thank you all. For every heal you gave me, for every buff you bestowed on me, I could never have had the success I enjoyed without them. I don’t think it’s said enough, but you are at the heart of any guild's success.
To the hunters: You were one of the few classes I got to work with directly. I feel I got to know each of you personally. And for that I will sense your absence more.
To the rogues: It was you that I would see on my screen the most, You were the ones standing toe-to-toe with me. I enjoyed the challenge of holding aggro against you (or at least trying). You each made me a better warrior.
To the mages: You may be the quiet ones, but your presence was always felt. I can only say that you taught me how to select targets accurately after breaking so many sheep. Plus you never feel so far from Org as when you missed the last portal.
To the warlocks: Like the hunters I got to work with each one of you, don’t for a minute think that I didn’t appreciate all the healthstones. You were all very generous and I can only thank you again for the time you spent collecting all those shards for me. You saved my life many times and, like the healers, were indispensable to my success.
And to the warriors: My buddies, My teammates. I’m at a loss for words. It was you who taught me how to tank, it was you that I got to share in the triumphs with the most, and it was you that are the hardest to part ways with. I can only say what a shame it was that the other classes couldn’t see all the fun we had in warrior chat. How each warrior’s personality was something special to enjoy. It was among the warriors that I felt most at home and certainly got to know each of you so very well. I will sorely miss your company.
I wish you all the best.
Long live the Horde,

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