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Thursday, January 04, 2007

2007 New Year Resolution: Blog more!

I wanted to work on my blog while I was away in Asia, but wouldn't you know, there was an earthquake in Taiwan that disrupted communications between Asia and the rest of the world. "Communications" meaning Internet/data, telephone service... I read reports that they were back up to 50% the next day (with priority given to business traffic), and they may be up to 70%+ now, but it's amazing how much damage was done in a natural disaster, and to realize how dependent we are on telecommunications these days. As hubby pointed out, ironically, the Internet was developed to survive a nuclear war. Given this experience, it probably wouldn't.

I was trying to work during this fiasco, and my efforts were severely hampered. VPN access was a non-starter, and even Citrix was on and off (mostly off). Web email was non-existent, and it was a disaster (no pun intended) trying to reach MSN, Yahoo, ... basically any site in the U.S. with the EXCEPTION of Google. Miraculously, I was able to reach not only Google, but also Gmail, which in fact was the only way I got anything done.

Over time, as access gradually improved, I noticed that Blogger is out of Beta and so I migrated my blogs over to the new version. While everything seems to be working, since I'm using FTP publishing, I don't have access to all the latest features such as dynamic serving or managing layouts using drag-and-drop. Ah well. There are days where I still think about using WordPress, especially after I help set up Daddy Liu's new blog which looks utterly amazing these days.

But blogging infrastructure aside, one of my many new year's resolutions is to blog more consistently!

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