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Wednesday, June 25, 2003

Dell Sucks - Financing Nightmare

My POS (peace of [garbage]) Dell laptop that I bought in Fall 1998 is on its last legs. It runs the POC (piece of [junk]) Windows 98 O/S, and thus freezes regularly. Heck, it doesn't even shut down anymore: it consistently gets stuck at the "Windows Shutting Down" screen and nothing short of cutting the power will coax it to turn off. Granted, this laptop was DA BOMB when I first purchased it, and it's just a little old and tired now that it's reached the end of its 3-5 year replacement cycle.

I've patiently waited for the new Intel Springdale (865) chipset to debut, and they are finally available. I'm purchasing a Dell 4600, and taking advantage of their Dell Preferred Account purchasing program to get a 2% discount.

Everything was hunky dory until I was told that my online application was not successful and I would be contacted by a Dell representative "within two days". Eager to get my order rolling, I proactively called Dell to answer any necessary verification questions. Can I tell you what a pain in the rear it is to get to the correct department at Dell and to get a LIVE PERSON with whom to converse? There's a gazillion options to choose from (none of them appropriate), and their new funky voice recognition system does nothing but aggravate me. When I did get a customer support person on the phone, I would just be transferred (inevitably to an incorrect number) and have to go through a myriad of useless option menus again. Why, oh why does Dell make it so hard for me to be their financing customer?

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