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Tuesday, June 24, 2003

"The Birds"

I've been recording Alfred Hitchcock movies using the TiVo Wish List feature. I haven't located a showing of "The Birds" yet, but I've seen previews. I didn't think the premise of the movie was that scary until I recently got attacked by one near my home.

There's construction going on near my residence, and when I walked near the site the other day, a small black bird flew into my hair. I was startled but assumed it was a fluke thing and didn't give it a second thought - until the bird flew into my hair AGAIN and then for a THIRD time! At that point, I realized I was being attacked and ran down the street.

Upon returning home, I hoped that the birds had gone away, until I saw one attack the guy walking ahead of me. I ducked and hustled across the street.

I told hubby about this, and he thought it was strange but probably random event. Then HE got attacked while running. He talked to a construction worker who was standing nearby, and was told that this has been a regular occurence. There were probably some bird nests in the construction site that were destroyed or damaged recently, so the birds are attacking pedestrians in the area. I don't think they'll stop until they relocate somewhere else.

Since I was shaken from a single, tiny, bird's attack, I can see how I would be absolutely horrified from a full frontal assault by hundreds and thousands of them... just like in "The Birds".

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