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Monday, July 16, 2012

Aden and Anais

I think Aden + Anais products are fabulous, especially the muslin swaddling blankets, but I couldn't figure out how to pronounce the name of the company! Thanks to Babble, I now know it's AY-dun and uh-NAY. Other brand pronunciations:

  • Joovy: JOO-vee
  • Bijorn: bee-YORN
  • Britax: BRIGH-tax
  • Chicco: KEY-ko
  • Fleurville: FLURR-vill
  • Medela: muh-DEE-lah
  • Mustela: muh-STELL-ah
  • Pediped: PEE-dee-ped
  • Peg Perego: PEG PERR-eh-goh
  • Robeez: ROBB-ease (Robbies>
  • Stokke: STOCK-kuh
  • Svan: suh-VAHN
  • Zutano: zu-TAH-no

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