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Monday, February 05, 2007

Finally! Pho in Redwood City

Almost every weekend, D asks me what I want to eat for lunch, and I almost invariably suggest pho, a delicious Vietnamese soup noodle dish. The trouble is that the pho restaurants I like are relatively far away. As we were driving around Redwood City, D spotted a new joint called Pho Dong on Broadway. According to the sign, it opened back in November 2006.

Pho Dong is the cleanest Vietnamese pho restaurant I have ever been to and it's decorated nicely too (not the usual divy decor). It's a great addition to the area which seems to have severa lnew shops and restaurants lately. In general, D and I are pleased with the "On Broadway" Retail-Cinema Project so we've been spending more time there, especially the new theater.

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