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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Web 2.0

D was recently invited to speak on a panel at the Harvard Business School's Asia Business Conference 2006 regarding "The Internet and New Media Industry":

"Internet has entered a new era characterized by Web 2.0 user generated content, broadband internet, mobile and digital media convergence. Internet is no longer a mere piece of technology, but an integral part of our life that shapes our culture and the way we work and live. With Internet, we are not just the consumer of wider variety of products, every one of us is empowered to be a creator and innovator. Aren't you excited by so many new opportunities presented in the new wave? At the same time, wonder who will be the winner in the new era? What is the future trend in the Asia market? What opportunities in Asia that are waiting for you to create another legend?"

Since we were snowed in that day and couldn't return home, D & I spent the afternoon chatting with some of the panelists and students. About 30 minutes into our casual discussion, one of the panelists asked, "OK, what's Web 2.0?" Everybody started laughing. D thinks it's just the natural evolution of the Internet, so assigning a name to it is rather silly, but in case you are interested, O'Reilly has a definition.

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