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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Casual [Computer] Games

Even though I've decided that World of Warcraft is too much of a time sink, I still like the idea of occasionally playing computer games to unwind and relax. Which reminds me, I'm still stuck on Syberia, and I refuse to look at a walkthrough or even a hint. I've occasionally found the odd game on Yahoo!Games that fits the bill. Most of them offer a free one hour trial, and sure enough, by the time a message pops up to say that my free hour up is up and I need to purchase the game to keep on playing -- I've lost interest and ready to do something else.

I mentioned this to Crystal, and she suggested that I try Oasis, which is reminiscent of a poor man's SimCity or even Pharoah (which I used to play). For the first time, after my free hour was up, I actually reached for my credit card to purchase the game ($20) but then I stopped myself. I think I'll go back to adventure games. By the time I finish Syberia, Dreamfall (the sequel to The Longest Journey) should be available.

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