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Wednesday, March 10, 2004

Hit and Run

I witnessed a hit and run the other day in Palo Alto. It took place right before my very eyes.

I had stepped out of Miyake and was waiting for the light to turn to cross University Ave. There was a silver car in the intersection (blocking the intersection I might add) heading East since the cars ahead of it were at a standstill. The purple/burgundy car behind it didn't stop in time and rear ended the silver car and the two cars bounced apart. Neither driver made a move to leave their cars to assess their vehicles. The silver car didn't appear to have any visible damage so I focused my attention on the burgundy car.

The driver of the burgundy car was a caucasian female in her early thirties with long, light brown hair. Her car was dented on the right (passenger) side. "Not surprising she just rear ended this guy," I thought, "She has a history of accidents!" After approximately five seconds, the woman started turning her steering wheel. I thought she was going to pull over to the side and wait for the other driver. As she was turning, she hit the silver car AGAIN - this time on the rear right bumper. Then she head South on High St. I took note of her license plate number.

I couldn't believe this woman just took off. The driver of the silver car, a man with dark brown hair, must have realized this too, because he made a hard right and sped down High St. after her.

I called the police afterwards to report the incident. They took some initial information and sent an APB out for the vehicles. They later called me a couple of times more: once to say they wanted to come to my office to ask my questions (they never showed up), and another time after the victim came forward with the same story. I may be asked to look at a photo lineup! Just like in Law & Order!!

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