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Friday, November 28, 2003

(Good) Alternative Uses for Trans Fat

My friend Karen gave me a one-time 20% discount card for Sephora. Even though I don't wear makeup more than twice a year, I went hog wild and bought a bunch of stuff, including BlissTM lemon & sage body butter. Not to sound like a commercial, but it really works! I smear it all over my body after showering and it definitely makes my skin softer. Even D has noticed the improvement.

I looked at the ingredient list for yuks and what's the third thing on the list? Hydrogenated vegetable oil, a.k.a. trans fat. I kid you not. So if you have leftover Crisco shortening in your cabinet and you don't want to eat it (because it's bad for you), but don't want to throw it away and waste it... go ahead, rub it on yourself!

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