In case you are wondering, "D" is my husband -- Dave Liu! As you've probably noticed, I don't update this blog often but I may post more as I've linked this to my Google+ account.

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

A Death in the Family - Football Season Begins!

Dearly beloved, we are here today to mourn the loss of my husband, Dave. Yes folks, it's that time of the year again - it's NFL season! I'm about to become a football widow. I'm also going to start seeing a disproportionate amount of TiVo space being used to record games and ESPN programming.

I offered to get the NFL season pass on DirecTV for him so he could watch the games in the comfort of our home, but D prefers to hang out at Zeke's Bar. He likes being surrounded by multiple TVs showing different games.

D is part of a fantasy football league with some co-workers and they conducted the draft today. The only players he chose that I've even heard of are two quarterbacks: Jeff Garcia (San Francisco 49ers) and Donovan McNabb (Philadelphia Eagles). I'm amazed that he didn't select Eddie George or Steve McNair given he's such a diehard Tennessee Titans fan (the only one in the Bay Area, it seems).

D loves football, so I have worked very hard to be at least conversant in the lingo, although not fluent. "Touch back," I said the other day as I saw the ball soar across the field and bounce around the end zone. "Very good!" D exclaimed, visibly excited that I finally remembered the term after explaining it to me over five times before. It takes so little to make hubby happy!

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