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Thursday, July 17, 2003

Reaching a Live Customer Service Rep

I'm very frustrated when I call a customer service representative and instead reach a voice response unit asking me to "Press 1 for Sales, Press 2 for Support, ...". Fortunately, the Wall Street Journal has discovered some shortcuts to reach a live person (subscription may be required). I've pasted them here:

Operator Short Cuts Curtesy of WSJ
Company Phone No. Shortcut
Bank of America 800-900-9000 Hit zero twice, after menu choices play
Chase 800-CHASE24 Hit five, pause, then hit one, four, star, zero
CitiBank 800-374-9700 Zero
Wells Fargo 800-869-3557 Zero
Travel Reservations
American 800-433-7300 Press zero twice, then say "agent"
Amtrak 800-872-7245 Zero or say "agent"
Continental 800-523-3273 Three - but sometimes calls go straight to an agent
Delta 800-221-1212 Zero
Northwest 800-225-2525 Star, zero, after initial greeting
Southwest 800-435-9792 Calls answered by operator; during busy times you might have to hold
United 800-864-8331 Say nothing (but you have to listen through lots of menus)
US Airways 800-428-4322 Hit four after initial greeting, then hit one
Wireless Providers
AT&T Wireless 800-888-7600 No easy escape
Sprint PCS 888-788-5001 Zero twice, then say "agent"
T-Mobile 800-937-8997 Enter your phone number
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 No easy escape
Credit Cards
American Express 800-528-4800 Hit zero, pound, three times over (ignore prompts that it's an invalid entry)
MasterCard 800-MC-ASSIST Hit zero three times (once on each menu)
Visa 800-847-2911 Hit zero three times (ignore prompts saying that it's an invalid entry)
PC Tech Support
Apple 800-275-2273 Zero three times; if virtual rep answers, say "operator"
Dell 888-560-8324 Hit zero twice
Gateway 800-846-2301 Hit zero, pound
HP (Compaq Products) 800-652-6672 No easy escape
HP (Hewlett-Packard) 800-474-6836 Say "agent"
IBM 800-IBM-4YOU You go into a hold queue immediately

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