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Wednesday, April 30, 2003


Six Feet Under is one of the reasons I subscribe to HBO. In a recent episode, Claire's art teacher (Olivier) reminisces about having a relationship with an older woman, and mentions that a popular song at the time was "I Wear My Sunglasses At Night". He hastily adds, "What an insipid song". I looked up the word insipid at Merriam-Webster Online to look up the definition:

  1. lacking taste or savor : TASTELESS
  2. lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge : DULL, FLAT

Then I discovered a whole host of related words: INSIPID, VAPID, FLAT, JEJUNE, BANAL, INANE... they all mean devoid of qualities that make for spirit and character.

  • INSIPID implies a lack of sufficient taste or savor to please or interest: an insipid romance with platitudes on every page.
  • VAPID suggests a lack of liveliness, force, or spirit: an exciting story given a vapid treatment.
  • FLAT applies to things that have lost their sparkle or zest: although well-regarded in its day, the novel now seems flat.
  • JEJUNE suggests a lack of rewarding or satisfying substance: a jejune and gassy speech.
  • BANAL stresses the complete absence of freshness, novelty, or immediacy: a banal tale of unrequited love.
  • INANE implies a lack of any significant or convincing quality: an inane interpretation of the play.

Ironic that there are so many interesting words to describe something that's boring!

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